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Kesäjoentie 1 A, 93825 Rukatunturi, Finland
Прогноз погоды в городе Ruka
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Cottage Karolina’s house

Rent a cottage in Finland- the best option for you to spend your vacation. Karolina's House is the one of the highest levels of comfort in Ruka. Come and make yourself at home!

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Watching birds in nature

Bird watching

Rent a cottage «Karolina's house» in Kuusamo- is chance to many people just escape from the bustle of the city and opportunity to unhurried contemplation of the world. Country of a Thousand Lakes - is the place to be enclosed in to the natural diversity.

The nature in Kuusamo offers a fine and rewarding setting for bird enthusiasts. A keen bird observer can spot Eastern species, more likely to be seen in Kuusamo than anywhere else in Europe. Some of these birds are only seen in Kuusamo. For some northern species, Kuusamo is their southernmost area of occurrence.

Birdwatching towers have been built in many places throughout Kuusamo:
* The towers on Lake Toranginjärvi - one tower at the South-Eastern end of the lake, and a watching platform at the northern end on the shore, quite close to Sokos Hotel Kuusamo. The latter is also suitable for persons with mobility restrictions.
* The Antinperä tower - East of the Ruka fell.
* The Vasaraperä (Haataja) tower on Lake Kitkajärvi, the bay of Jäkälälahti. 
* The Vuotunki tower of Lake Vuotunkijärvi. 
* The newest bird watching tower opened in early May 2001 and it is located at Olkilampi in Suininki. It is owned by Mr Pentti Kurvinen.

Every early summer a bird spotting competition, known as "bird marathon" or "points rally" is arranged. The team spotting the most species wins.

Professional bird tour organizers are glad to take you along for a guided bird tour in the magnificent nature of Kuusamo. 

We wish you unforgettable moments in Ruka - Kuusamo forests and lakes!       

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