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National Park Oulanka

Oulanka National Park

If you have holidays in Lapland you simply must to visit National Park Oulanka!

The unique pure nature of region-is main reason why tourists from all around Europe are coming back to Ruka-Kuusamo every year. Nature appears to you in one of the most popular nature reserves in Finland - National Park Oulanka more than anywhere else. Forest in the Park is a relic. From the beginning of the XIX century not even one tree was cut down.

In 2002, three Pan Parks (Protected Area Networks) were founded in Europe. Oulanka National Park was one of them.

160 000 tourists are visit the Park every year. In the park you will find a perfectly prepared trails and routes of varying difficulty and length. You can go hiking for a day or week. It all depends on your wishes and possibilities. There are special site locations for halts and overnights in all your way.

Most famous hiking route in Kuusamo - is Karhunkierros (Bear's trail) 80 km long.  Gorges, arctic hills and virgin forests guarantee an unforgettable experience along the way.

Hiking in Karhunkierros can take between 3-7 days. There are more short routes. For example Pieni Karhunkierros (Small bear's trail) or Ristikallio those you can easy pass for one day.

 The routes are going through the picturesque landscapes of Kuusamo: canyons, turbulent rapids, rocky hills and ancient forests. You will see everywhere on trees signs and maps. So you can't lost you way.

You will meet several hinged bridges. Selected parts of the road covered by wooden decking.  You can spend the night in one of the huts arrayed along the roads, which are separated by a distance of one day's journey.

Oulanka contains river habitats unique in many respects in the whole of Finland. Most of the natural beauty spots in Kuusamo are situated in the park. Animal life is also plentiful. There are 30 species of mammals, more than 120 species of birds (various rare bird species are found there as well as rare plants, such as calypso and lady's slipper, for instance. Oulanka is also the domain of the bear, the king of forest. The nobility of Finnish birdlife, eagles and swans, also nest in the National Park. 

Park Oulanka is a best place for rafting and canoeing. Take experience with your family or company!
Only about a kilometer's walk away from the Oulanka Visitor Centre you will be stunned by the magnificent rapids of Kiutaköngäs. The Oulankajoki River falls, hemmed in by red granite walls, for about 600 meters. Over a distance of about a hundred meters, the river descends 14 meters. 

During the fishing season you can combine your trip with fishing. Two excellent rivers for trout fishing, the Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki Rivers, run through the Oulanka National Park.

Surrounded by wild canyons and virgin forests, fishing in the park offers a truly unique and enjoyable experience for both novice and expert anglers. The park is also home to two of the most famous rapids in the country: Kiutaköngäs and Jyrävä. Kuusinkijoki River is a little south of the National Park, but also an excellent river for trout fishing. Whichever spot you choose, we are sure you will return refreshed and exhilarated.

Come to that corner of wild nature! Don't miss your chance to touch the mystery!  

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