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Kesäjoentie 1 A, 93825 Rukatunturi, Finland
Прогноз погоды в городе Ruka
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Cottage Karolina’s house

Rent a cottage in Finland- the best option for you to spend your vacation. Karolina's House is the one of the highest levels of comfort in Ruka. Come and make yourself at home!

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Ruka-Kuusamo - it's a dream area for fisherman!
To rent our cottage «Karolina's house» is best way for fisherman's location because it's only 50 meters from Lake Kesajarvi where you can get perch, pike and european whitefish.
If you like to enjoy fishing on rivers more, there are many opportunities for that in Kuusamo&Ruka area.
Two excellent rivers for trout fishing, the Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki Rivers, run through the Oulanka National Park.
Surrounded by wild canyons and virgin forests, fishing in the park offers a truly unique and enjoyable experience for both novice and expert anglers. The park is also home to two of the most famous rapids in the country: Kiutaköngäs and Jyrävä. Kuusinkijoki River is a little south of the National Park, but also an excellent river for trout fishing. Whichever spot you choose, we are sure you will return refreshed and exhilarated.
In Kuusamo Region are great opportunities for fishing in summer and in winter. Some waters filled with fish artificial way. If you do not have your gear, you can rent.
Facts about fishing in Kuusamo.
Kuusamo's river fishing season spans from 1st June - 31st August. Lure and fly-fishing is allowed on the rivers; using live bait in waters with trout, grayling and whitefish is prohibited.
Angling with live bait in Finland's lakes and ponds is everyman's right. So it's free. In rivers this is allowed in areas marked for the purpose.
Feel free to find out more information about the Fishing Licence System in Finland.
According to the rules for fishing in Finland must have a certificate for payment of registration fee for the restoration of fish resources. Every fisherman who has turned 18 years old has to have that certificate which can easily buy in Ruka-Info, Kuusamo-Info or K-Market (400 meters from cottage «Karolina's house».
There is internationally famous factory on manufacture lures Kuusamon Uistin in 5 km way from Kuusamo. Most popular are models Kuusamo Professor and Rasanen. In the pond near factory can get a Salmon. Certificate can buy in café there close. Also on Lambin next to the hotel Kuusamon Tropiikki you can catch salmon, whitefish and grayling. It is easy to buy fishing bait in many shops in Ruka and Kuusamo.
Finland - is country of thousand lakes. Experts will appreciate the rich fish ponds in the winter. Winter fishing - excellent time spending for all family. You can go for fishing by yourself or order that activity from safaris organizers in Ruka. They take care of the necessary gear, warm clothes and shoes. These companies organize fishing tours with guide also.
The cottage «Karolina's house» is only 50 meters away from Kesajarvi Lake. You are welcome!

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