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+7 (920) 033-76-50, +7 (926) 794-47-02, +358 (50) 597-88-29
Kesäjoentie 1 A, 93825 Rukatunturi, Finland
Прогноз погоды в городе Ruka
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Cottage Karolina’s house

Rent a cottage in Finland- the best option for you to spend your vacation. Karolina's House is the one of the highest levels of comfort in Ruka. Come and make yourself at home!

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Easy way

Easy way


How better to come to rent cottage in Ruka? To travel in Finland is only pleasure!


Way by car.

Auto roads are really good and useful in Finland. You can enjoy nice landscape of thousand lakes, national food in many cafes and restaurants. You can decide yourself when to stop to rest. You can use your own car or rent some. You can rent even real auto house!

822 km from Helsinki in good finnish roads its only 8h beautiful way.

426 km from Lulea (north Sweden)


It's a pleasure to drive in Suomi but if you want to make your way by car shorter you can take car to train Helsinki-Kemijarvi and spend night with comfort. Only 110 km way after station. Trains are going every day at 19.26.

We are ready to help to make your route!




Finnish company Finnair have every day flight to Kuusamo (24 km from Ruka). 1h in a way.



Transport in Ruka

1 million tourists coming to Ruka by plane or bus every year! 24 km to Ruka from airport Kuusamo only.

There is bus to every flight.

Summer Karhunkierros Bus  pick guests from centrum of Ruka and Kuusamo to start point of Karhunkierros and back.  

SkiBus working Free for tourists who have ski-pass.

There is bus between Ruka and Kuusamo.

Taxi - is great way to move in Ruka&Kuusamo area.  Taxi Center Kuusamo-Ruka have a cars and microbuses even for big groups.

You can rent a car at airport also.

So you welcome to country of thousand lakes! Ruka is waiting you! Need to order cottage only. Holidays in Lapland are amazing!  

The New season 2015-2016 opening