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Kesäjoentie 1 A, 93825 Rukatunturi, Finland
Прогноз погоды в городе Ruka
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Cottage Karolina’s house

Rent a cottage in Finland- the best option for you to spend your vacation. Karolina's House is the one of the highest levels of comfort in Ruka. Come and make yourself at home!

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cross-country ski

50 meters is distance between Karolina's house» and ski track.


Ruka-is heaven for people who like cross-country skiing. Rent cottage «Karolina's house» gives to you opportunity to enjoy skiing straight from the door. Well-made tracks with different complexities, artificially illuminated, many cafes near tracks where you can have a snack, long ski season - that everything will make holidays perfect for everyone: professional or beginner.

First snow track 2 km is in Stadium. It start in parking close Talvijarvi.


Routes suitable both for traditional and skating style

  • International ski stadium; Classification: Difficult, 5 km, 7,5 km and 10 km

  • Hotel Rantasipi Rukahovi - Uuttusuo - Saarua  and forth; Classification: Rather difficult, 11 km, illuminated track

  • Hotel Rantasipi Rukahovi - Pyhävaara - Rukajärvi - Uuttusuo - Hotel Rantasipi Rukahovi; Classification: Difficult, 17 km

  • Saarua - Valtavaara - Saarua; Classification: Difficult, 10 km

  • Saarua - Vuosseli - Saarua; Classification: Easy 12 km

  • Talvijärvi - Salmilampi - Viipusjärvi; Classification: Easy, 6 km, 10 km, 15 km 
    Connections to the route from Konttainen, Kesäjärvi, Kitka, Käylä, Juuma, Kouervaara, Ruka / Kuusamo town 
    International Ski Stadium: locker rooms 

Cafés: Hotel Rantasipi Rukahovi, RukaKlubi, KotiPizza, Restaurant Piste, Pitäjän Pirtti, Riipisen Riistakahvila, Pizzeria Ruka, Vuosseli pirtti
Lap huts in Uuttusuo, Valtavaara, Vuosseli and Viipus 
Cafés along the route: Rukajärven koulu (school), lap hut cafés in Uuttusuo, Kuontivaara and Viipus (Saturdays-Sundays)


The total length of cross-country ski trails is no less than 500 km, of which 40 km are illuminated. Northern Finland is one the most exceptional places on earth for cross-country skiing.

The New season 2015-2016 opening