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Kesäjoentie 1 A, 93825 Rukatunturi, Finland
Прогноз погоды в городе Ruka
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Cottage Karolina’s house

Rent a cottage in Finland- the best option for you to spend your vacation. Karolina's House is the one of the highest levels of comfort in Ruka. Come and make yourself at home!

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Canoeing and boating



Holidays in Finland-country of thousand lakes are impossible without communication with the water. Activity organizers in Ruka have different variants for every test.
Even if you're not an experienced white water canoeist, you can take a river tour in a canoe!

Canoeing is possible on Kuusamo's lakes and rivers. The total length of classified lake and river canoeing routes in Kuusamo is about 350 km. Classified river waters include the Oulankajoki,

There are lake routes on the lakes Kitkajärvi, Kuusamojärvi, Muojärvi, Kiitämäjärvi, Kirpistöjärvi, and Suininkijärvi.
The scenic and easy route along the Oulankajoki River from Kiutakongas rapids downstream to the frontier zone and the upper course of the Iijoki River are both suitable for beginners, whereas the upper course of the Oulankajoki River as well as the Kuusinkijoki and Kitkajoki rivers are exciting routes for more experienced canoeists.

Staying near the shore is recommended when paddling on the lakes. Route descriptions can be found on the Paddling Map of Kuusamo. It is on sale in several outlets. On canoe rentals and guided paddling trips, you can get information at the Kuusamo Info, Ruka Info or from several safari organizers.

There is pleasure boat for visitors of «Karolina's house». You are welcome to enjoy the Kesajarvi lake!




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